SPS Plumbers - Inner West

My motivation

I love beauty and art. Since I was just a little child I was fascinated by all the people seen on TV or in different fashion magazines. Being able to look good on TV or on the photo camera, knowing that you will be watched, admired and maybe envied by thousands of people, seemed to be the hardest thing one can do. 

In the same time, I really thought that this could also give me the greatest satisfaction ever, so I set my goal to become a fashion model or TV host. I really think that through my work I can inspire many people, not only when it comes to fashion, but also from a role model perspective. 

Concept art is my preferred type of photo shoot because it gives you the chance to play any kind of role and easily express different feelings and ideas. In every picture you can find something that is ‘more than it meets the eye’, while the best part comes with the pursuit of its hidden secret.

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About Me

My name is Hannah Jones. I was born in a small Ukrainian town, but shortly after, my parents decided to move the entire family to the United States. When I was 16, my agent convinced me to participate in an international contest – I haven't won any award but I received an invitation to work as a model in Japan. 

Currently I’m working with leading designers, participating in international shows, photo projects and competitions. Recently I received an offer from the leading TV channel in Florence to take part in one of their new shows. Given this, I now take into consideration the idea of moving to Italy.

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